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Ni-Zn batteries and elements - Relevance in 2021

Today the growing interest in Ni-Zn batteries and elements is caused by their wide spectrum of application combined with their environment-friendly characteristics. This type of batteries attract even more interest today after:

  • the ban for mass usage of Ni-cadmium cells;
  • limited application of lithium-ion batteries (accidents in airplanes, self-ignition of batteries in electric cars, etc.);
  • the limitation of lithium-ion, as well as lead-acid batteries, especially for environments crowded with employed personnel (accumulation stations, UPS-systems, command stations, cars etc.).

Review of Ni-Zn elements and batteries

Nickel-zinc elements, or otherwise called nickel cathode alkaline batteries, belong to the group of nickel-cadmium, nickel, iron and nickel metal hydride batteries. They have the ability to deliver from 70 to 85Wh / kg and 135Wh / liter depending on the construction. Their life span is over 1000 charge-discharge cycles at 100% discharge and up to several thousand cycles,(3000) in case of discharge to 25-30% of capacity. Management of discharge-charge cycle during the operation guarantees them several thousand cycles. Nickel-zinc batteries feature high energy performance and relatively low price compared to other commercial batteries.

Advantages of Ni-Zn elements and batteries

The qualities of Ni-Zn batteries have the following basic parameters:

Application and exploitation

The ready-made Ni-Zn elements are used for commissioning of wide range of batteries and are qualified as ecologic under the name of “nickel zinc elements” for batteries. The main application of Ni-Zn elements is:

The Project

The basic technology for the production of Ni-Zn elements is a scientific product of a Bulgarian group of scientists from leading Institutes and experts with more than 40 years experience in the field. All scientific and experimental studies have been accomplished in reputable electrochemical laboratories and use of foreign information in this area.

The project has reached its developed phase and an operating factory is ready for realization (including design, procurement for production delivery nd installation of equipment) and subsequent organization of production. The existing production areas covers 2’500 sq. meters with available infrastructure and after repairs and renovations will be used for installation of the proposed specialized equipment. Production activity will be organized into site in northwestern Bulgaria of 90-100km from Sofia.

A company will be established with location and office in Sofia to organize all the activities in the import and supply of materials from China and the EU.

Prospects for realization

The advantages of the new innovative and ecological product (Ni-Zn elements and batteries) over the Lead-acid batteries and the increasing demand during the last years prove the expanding popularity of this type of technology.


Based on the developed project, required investment costs are as follows:

  • EUR 9 500 000 (Stage I);
  • EUR 5 500 000 (Stage II).

Stage I includes expenses for:

  • Machinery and equipment (mainly technological machines, rectifiers for molding and testing, transport cost, supervisor control , Lab test equipment, and materials for 72-hour test;
  • Maintenance of the investment credit for negotiating and supply of equipment, assignment of repairs works, installation, team expenses for providing the documentation, implementation of technology, training, commissioning, office expenses, etc.;
  • Expenses for reconditioning of the halls (roofs, windows, hydro isolation, energy effectiveness) and many other.

Stage II has the potential to expand the production capacity by bringing new types of elements for batteries and starter accumulators. Stage II includes expenses for:

  • A new factory for production of boxes and tops for elements and starter accumulators;
  • Construction of two new production areas completed with specialized equipment for small production;
  • Prepacking of zinc band from rolls to belts and its perforation to a specialized module line;
  • Production set of terminals (calibrated rod material and processing of lathe automats;
  • Design and production of line for polyethylene three later separator.
Total Investment Costs

How to donate?

Each sponsor decides for himself how much to donate. The amount of money is transferred by bank transfer to a specially created donation account.

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